Author guidelines



Gynaecology Forum is a quarterly review journal published throughout Europe, Latin America, Australasia and South East Asia with a circulation of about 20,000. Each issue concerns itself with a specific topic and a guest/issue editor, expert in that field, is asked to be responsible for each issue. The journal is published by Medical Forum International based in Zeist in The Netherlands. The journal is distributed by Schering subsidiaries in the various countries, but full editorial control is maintained by the Editor-in-Chief (Professor Stephen Killick, Hull, UK), guest/issue editors and publishers.

The journal has an emphasis on problem solving in a straight-forward way, and is based firmly on evidence-based medicine and critical appraisal of the relevant literature, but opinions based on the experience of review authors are also welcome. It is directed towards doctors working in obstetrics and gynaecology or general practice. The subjects covered are mainly gynaecological but can include some obstetrics.

In each issue the guest/issue editor writes an overall review of the subject under consideration. This is usually about 1500 words and highlights the various problems that the review authors subsequently discuss in more detail.

The guest editor recruits some 6 to 8 review authors to write clinical reviews about particular aspects of the topic of about 1200 words each (this may differ per issue. Please check your invitation letter). The guest editor makes sure these reviews do not overlap, and complement each other so as to convey the information that he or she wishes the issue to convey as a whole.

The journal is published in cyan/black, but full colour photographs are also possible. We aim to have 2–3 illustrations per article (photographs, tables, line drawings and/or diagrams). If you send digital photographs, please make certain they have a high resolution (at least 300 dpi) and preferably as jpeg or tiff files. Please also provide table/figure legends.

If you wish, you can select one or two citations from your article which you consider interesting or representative enough to be highlighted.

References should be put in order of appearance (not alphabetically) at the end of the article. They should look like this:

Weaver SM, Clifford E, Gordon AG. A follow-up study of ‘successful’ IVF/GIFT couples: social-emotional well being and adjustment to parenthood. J Psychosom Obstet Gynaecol 1993; 14 (suppl): 5–16.