Gynaecology ForumCover GF1 2011

Volume 16, No. 3, 2011
Attitudes to bleeding and OC use


  • Editorial
  • Overview article
    -Attitudes to contraception and menstruation in the 21st century
    Anne Szarewski
  • Review articles
    - Is there any real scientific evidence for the need for monthly periods?
    Mary O’Flynn
    - Myths surrounding menstruation
    Lucinda Farmer
    - Three major consumer trends and their potential impact on future contraceptive choices
    Verena Kuen
    - Women’s perceptions and attitudes towards menstrual bleeding
    Anne Szarewski
    - How can we improve compliance with oral contraceptive use?
    Teresa Bombas, Joaquim Neves
    Current methods of managing menstrual bleeding
    Dagmar Makalová