IGM Collected Leading Articles



Still growing strong

When we started the International Growth Monitor we decided to include a review article in each issue to enable the interested endocrinologist to keep up with the rapidly expanding knowledge in the field of Growth Hormone research.

The invited authors provided us with a series of, in our view, very useful articles, for which we are very grateful. For all our current and future readers we have bundled the leading articles of the last six years of the International Growth Monitor in this booklet. We hope you will enjoy reading it or use it as a source of reference.

Should you like to comment, or have any suggestions for further reviews in our journal, please feel free to contact us.

Prof. Dr. E.A. van der Veen
Scientific Editor


  • On growth hormone binding proteins
    G.G. Massa
  • Neural regulation of growth hormone secretion: focus on recent findings
    E.E. Müller
  • Growth and growth hormone secretion in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
    M. Knip
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acromegaly
    K.K.Y Ho
  • Regulation of fetal growth and the GH/IGF axis: lessons from mouse to man
    C.L. Deal and H.J. Guyda
  • Effects of human growth hormone (GH) on lipid metabolism in adults with GH deficiency
    C. Wüster
  • Growth hormone deficiency: some issues within a so-called idiopathic condition
    R. Rappaport
  • Pharmacokinetic aspects of growth hormone therapy
    J.O.L. Jørgensen,T. Laursen, J.S. Christiansen
  • Effects of growth hormone releasing peptides in humans
    E. Ghigo
  • The heart in growth hormone deficiency
    G.Amato, E. Lalli,G.Vitolo
  • Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I: an alternative for growth hormone (GH)?
    J. Zapf
  • Linking growth delay, growth hormone therapy and quality of life
    B. Stabler and N.C. Frank
  • Psychosocial aspects of short stature in childhood
    J. Huisman
  • Growth hormone, growth factors, and androgens in male and female reproductive (patho)physiology
    L.J.G. Gooren
  • Pubertal development: the view of the pediatric endocrinologist
    P.C. Sizonenko
  • Laboratory assessment of GH
    C.J. Strasburger
  • Does every GH-deficient adult need GH replacement?
    S.M. Shalet
  • Unresolved problems in the treatment of short stature for Turner syndrome
    M.D.C. Donaldson
  • Diagnosis and treatment of GH deficiency in adults — the Port Stephens manifesto
    J.S. Christiansen
  • The impact of hypopituitarism on longevity
    E.M. Erfurth
  • Hormonal and metabolic aspects of adult Turner syndrome
    C.H. Gravholt
  • How and when to measure insulin-like growth factor-I and related growth
    hormone-dependent proteins
    R.C. Baxter
  • Growth hormone (GH) treatment for children without GH deficiency
    P. Saenger
  • Regulation of growth hormone secretion by adipose tissue
    M. Pombo, F.F. Casanueva and C. Dieguez
  • Factors influencing efficacy and prediction of response to growth hormone (GH) therapy in prepubertal GH-deficient children
    R. Rappaport