IGM Archive issues

Contents Vol 16, No 4, 2006

  • Leading articles
    What have we learned from all these years of GH therapy?
    Ellen M.N. Bannink
    - Late effects of cancer therapy on growth and GH
    Laura J. Savage and Robert D. Murray
  • Reviews
    - Abstracts
    - Endocrine Society Guidelines on adult GHD
    Jens O. L. Jørgensen
    - GH and final height in idiopathic GHD
    Justin T. Warner
    - Childhood growth after total body irradiation and bone marrow transplantation
    Stephen Shalet
    - Adult GH therapy of childhood GHD after ALL improves cardiac function
    Susan R. Rose
    - Effects of GH treatment on aortic dimensions in Turner syndrome
    Sabine de Muinck Keizer-Schrama
    - Abstracts and references


Contents Vol 16, No 3, 2006

  • Leading article
    The growth hormone IGF-I axis in type 1 diabetes
    Rachel M. Williams and David B. Dunger
  • Reviews
    - GH-induced changes in QOL and body composition are unrelated
    Jan Berend Deijen
    - Plasma grhelin levels in healthy elderly subjects
    Ezio Ghigo
    - Effect of obesity on GH sensitivity in GHD adults
    Emma Ward and Robert Murray
    - Bone mineral content in cystic fibrosis and GH treatment
    Christine Burren
    - Is optimizing pubertal estrogen replacement in girls with Turner syndrome important?
    Michael B. Ranke
    - GH treatment, final height and bone strength
    Justine T. Warner
    - Growth hormone administration and exercise capacity
    Jens O.L. Jørgensen
    - Circulating IGF II and weight change
    Jan Frystyk
    - Assessment of disease activity in acromelagy
    A.J. van der Lely


Contents Vol 16, No 2, 2006

  • Leading article
    Partial GHD in the Hypopituitary Adult
    Akrem Elmalti and Robert D Murray
  • Reviews
    - Estrogens, androgens and IGF-I in GHD
    J.A.M.J.L. Janssen
    - Testosterone inhibits IGF-I feedback
    Ken Ho
    - Treatment with GH straightforward?
    R. Bjarnason
    - Does the timing of onset of a GH-excess state influence outcome?
    S.M. Shalet
    - Gender difference in cardiac function and cardiovascular risk factors after GH
    Frans C. Visser
    - GH treatment and puberty
    S. F. Ahmed
    - The association of IGF-I and IGFBP-3 with IQ in children
    M. L. Drent
    - The IGF–IGFBP axis in adults born small for gestational age
    J.A.M.J.L. Janssen
    - IGF and risk of ischaemic stroke
    J.A.M.J.L. Janssen


Contents Vol 16, No 1, 2006

  • Leading articles
    Clinical lessons from SHOX mutation research
    Tsutomu Ogata and Maki Fukami
    - Metabolic actions of GH during fasting
    Helene Nørrelund
  • Reviews
    - Will we miss confirming GHD in adult GH retesting after irradiation?
    Susan R. Rose
    - DHEA and GH in combination?
    Wiebke Arlt
    - Brain injury and pituitary function
    Ezio Ghigo
    - Effect of supraphysiological GH in young adults
    Jens S. Christiansen
    - Hypopituitarism 3 months after traumatic brain injury or subarachnoid haemorrhage
    Marianne Klose
    - Final height in short SGA children on GH
    Anders Juul
    - Prediction of long-term responsiveness to somatostatin analogue treatment in acromegaly
    Jens O. L. Jørgensen
    - Adult GH and neuroimaging surveillance
    H. Hoey


Contents Vol 15, No 4, 2005

  • Leading articles
    Does GH treatment have an impact on neuropsychological functioning in children?
    Stephen A. Sands and Jennifer Abbey
    - Severe GHD after traumatic brain injury
    Gianluca Aimaretti and Ezio Ghigo
  • Reviews
    - Influence of sex steroids on GH responsiveness during puberty
    Ken Ho
    - BMD in adults with childhood-onset GHD
    Roger Bouillon
    - Diagnosis of adult GHD in the transition period
    Indraneel Bannerjee and Rakesh Amin
    - Height as a determinant of QOL in GH-treated Turner syndrome
    Jan Berend Deijen
    - GH therapy in children after radiation therapy
    Manuel Pombo
    - Constitutional tall stature and the circulating IGF system
    Jan Frystyk
    - Free IGF-I and bone status in HIV-1 infected children
    Syed Faisal Ahmed
    - Successful use of less-than-daily pegvisomant in acromegaly
    Peter Trainer
    - Assessment of disease activity in acromegaly
    Aart Jan van der Lely


Contents Vol 15, No 3, 2005

  • Leading articles
    - Biochemical diagnosis of growth hormone doping
    Martin Bidlingmaier, Zida Wu and Christian J. Strasburger
    - GH/IGF-I axis and thyroid function
    Tatiana Mancini, Gherardo Mazziotti and Andrea Giustina
  • Reviews
    - Are obese subjects more responsive to GH?
    Jens O. L. Jørgensen
    - Reversible GHD in psychosocial short stature
    Jovanna Dahlgren
    - GH insufficiency: an unmet need?
    Andrew A. Toogood
    - The IGF-I system and CHD
    Annamaria Colao
    - Characteristics of acromegaly from a single country registry in Spain
    Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen
    - Assessment of disease activity in acromegaly
    Aart Jan van der Lely
    - Pharmacodynamic endpoints of GH action as markers for detecting GH abuse
    Martin Bidlingmaier
    - QOL as a bioassay in acromegaly
    Stephen Shalet


Contents Vol 15, No 2, 2005

  • Leading articles
    Transition: continuity of care for the GH-treated adolescent and young adult
    Jan-Maarten Wit
    - GH and growth factors and the central nervous system
    Jörgen Isgaard and Katarina Gustafsen Brywe
  • Reviews
    - Hyperghrelinaemia in Prader-Willi syndrome
    Ezio Ghigo
    - Random serum GH measurements in GH abuse in sport
    Ross Cuneo
    - Lipid metabolism and GH/IGF-I axis
    Elena Conti
    - Height in GH-treated childhood cancer survivors
    Justin T. Warner
    - Effect of GH on lipids, heart and exercise in elderly GH-deficient patients
    Annamaria Colao
    - Obesity in adults with hypothalamic damage
    Ze' ev Hochberg
    - IGF-I feedback on GH secretion
    Johannes D. Veldhuis
    - Sex and the DEXA: hormonal determinants of body composition in prepubertal children
    Robert Lustig


Contents Vol 15, No 1, 2005

  • Leading article
    Russell-Silver syndrome as an indication for growth hormone therapy
    Athanasios Christoforidis, Ilianna Maniadaki and Richard Stanhope
  • Reviews
    - Sex steroids and IGF-I increase circulating ghrelin in anorexia nervosa
    Jean-Pierre Chanoine
    - The benefits of intensive insulin therapy during protracted critical illness are independent of the GH/IGF-I axis
    David B. Dunger and C.L. Acerini
    - Testosterone and GH secretion in adult men
    Jens O. L. Jørgensen
    - Insulin-like action of low-dose GH treatment
    Peter Bang
    - Pituitary function, Cushing's disease and prolactin deficiency
    Christian J. Strasburger
    - IGF-adjusted GH therapy
    Marianne Andersen
    - GH replacement affects major cardiovascular risk factors in hypopituitary adults
    Gudmundur Johannsson
    - ALS inhibits the transport of IGF-I and -II across cultured endothelial cells
    Jan Frystyk
    - GH vs. IGF-I as a measure of cure in acromegaly
    Jens Sandahl Christiansen
    - Assessment of disease activity in acromegaly
    Aart Jan van der Lely


Contents Vol 14, No 4, 2004  

  • Leading article
    Long-term follow-up of Turner syndrome
    Claus Højbjerg Gravholt
  • Reviews
    - GHRH receptor defects and anterior pituitary gland size
    Mohamad Maghnie
    - Effects of glutamine and rhGH on protein metabolism in cystic fibrosis
    Gerdien C. Melis, Petra G. Boelens and Paul A. M. van Leeuwen
    - Combined growth hormone and GnRHa therapy in central precocious puberty
    Athanasios Christoforidis and Richard Stanhope
    - Serial measurements of maternal IGF-I predict fetal adiposity
    Per Ovesen
    - Long-term consequences of PROP1 deficiency
    Mehul Dattani
    - Influence of DHEA on growth hormone secretion in women
    John P. Monson
    - Early glucose-suppressed growth hormone after hypophysectomy predicts late outcome of acromegaly
    J.A. M. J. L. Janssen